Specializing in freshwater invertebrates and microfish from around the world.

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We have new species coming in several times a month, so be sure to check our Current Stocklist regularly, and keep an eye on the New Arrivals category.

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Invertebrates by Msjinkzd is located in York, PA and is run by Rachel O’Leary. She is a mother of 3, loving wife, and an unmistakable personality at conventions and clubs in the tri-state area. A life-long fish keeper, her interests range from microfish to monsters, with a focus on invertebrates and dwarf species. Rachel has spent the last 10 years studying invertebrate husbandry, aquascaping, and breeding practices. Rachel’s fishroom consists of over 100 tanks ranging from 10 to 220 gallons, and her breeding program includes members of the Corydoradinae group, apistogramma, ancistrus, hypancistrus, pelvicachromis,  as well as various cyprinids and livebearers. One of the leading importers of invertebrates in the US, she works with dozens of dwarf shrimp and snail species, as well as dwarf crayfish and crabs, and is regularly bringing in new and hard to find specimens.

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FedEx Small business grant contest

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As many of you in the area, and all over the country have experienced- this winter has been BRUTAL! Temps here...

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Some fish updates

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It has been a rough couple months, again, for my poor family! Illness, death of a very close friend, and computer...

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