A busy week- an explanation of my schedule and some more pictures!

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A busy week- an explanation of my schedule and some more pictures!

This week has been an exciting one! Amazonas magazine ran a feature on my fish room in their February/March issue, which was extremely exciting and also printed a brief write-up that I did on CW010. It was extremely flattering for this to occur, and I hope that some of you will pick up a copy to see pictures of my fish room and some of the creatures who inhabit it! In addition to this, The Peru creatures are flying out of the fish room to their forever homes, and I have been packing fish almost 7 hours a day! I have some restock of shrimp and snails coming next week, as well as some more tiny schoolers- C. pygmaeus, C. habrosus, T. espei, etc.

I wanted to take a minute to explain a bit about my daily schedule, as I have not been able to communicate with my customers as quickly as I would like. As many of you know (and as posted in my about me picture), I have a couple of kids so I get up early. I usually spend an hour or two in the morning (before 9am) answering emails. I then head down to the fish room to either pack fish or do water changes, generally until 1-2pm. I then deliver your orders to FedEx or the Post Office and clean up the epic mess I have inevitably made on the fish room floor!

At that point, my day of shuffling my children around begins. Then I prepare dinner (my first job is *supposed* to be stay at home mom). Then after that is all done, I sit down and catch up on emails and forums. Needless to say, a bulk of the day is not spent anywhere near a computer or with dry hands 🙂 If you have an urgent matter and need to contact me, mornings or late evenings are best. I do check in throughout the day, but cannot usually do estimates until those two main times. I am also traveling just about every weekend, between speaking engagements or athletic competitions, so can have a difficult time doing in-depth responses while mobile, though I do keep my smart phone with me.

Today I spent just a little bit of time taking a few updated shots of some of the creatures in my fish room. I have become especially fond of the Hypoptopoma and Pyrrhulina species I received. I hope to spend a chunk of tomorrow also updating photographs. In the mean time- enjoy!