Algae eating capabilities of amano shrimp

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Algae eating capabilities of amano shrimp

Amano shrimp are without a doubt the best algae eating shrimp available on the market. They will readily eat hair algae as well as graze constantly. They are great to help keep plants and decor clean. Its also quite easy to supplement their diet with normal fish foods. They do not breed in freshwater and have a lifespan of about two years. They reach a relatively large size of two inches at full maturity and can tolerate temperatures from subtropical to tropical (up to about 84) so are suitable with many dwarf cichlids and discus as well.

I had a black beard algae infestation on a piece of driftwood. I decided to put amano shrimp to the test. I had a few hundred amanos in a holding tank.


This is day 1.


Day 5


Results would not be this dramatic in a tank, as stocking density would be quite different. This is just to show that they will eat unpalatable filamentous algaes.

For more information about Amano Shrimp, check out our species profile page.