Current Stock list

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UPDATE  11/16/2017

All shipping costs are actual based on package size, weight, and zip code. Please  email for shipping estimates. I currently invoice via Paypal for purchases. Complete and accurate address, phone number, and details of order must be provided with payment in the payment comment box.

FedEx shipping is preferred. Overnight shipping has live arrival and ability for refund, credit, or reshipment.  Reshipping costs not included. Estimates will also be provided for FedEx 2nd day, but it can be difficult to keep temperature stable from zone to zone, so live arrival guarantee only covers credit- not refund, on second day shipping.

FedEx shipping is Monday through Wednesday, I will not ship packages for delivery on a Saturday. No exceptions.

And please remember NO PAYPAL GIFT PAYMENTS!!

As always, there are many things I have in my fish room that may not be listed, don’t hesitate to ask if you are looking for something I used to carry or are looking for something special. The stock list is a revolving one, as things come out of quarantine each week and get sold out. Please check back frequently for availability or feel free to email me with any special requests in order to combine shipping.

Black and White bee shrimp $6
Tangerine Tiger $5

Amano Shrimp $3

zebra nerite $2
Red spot nerite $2

Pest snails- free as an add-on


Plecos and Catfish:
Akysis vespa $5.50
Super red Ancistrus (unsexed, 1″-2″) $18
Corydoras hastatus (tail spot dwarf cory) $8
Otocinclus cocama $14, FEW
L236 MD $90 (1.5″+)
L236 LG $125 (2″+)
L173B LG (2″+) $125

Hypoptopoma sp Peru (Orange oto) $14

Habrosus Cory $3

Schooling fish- Tetras, Danios, Barbs and Rasboras

Chili Rasbora (Boraras brigittae) $4
Danio Choprae (Glowlight Rasbora) $4 , 5 left

Nannostomus eques (Diptail/hocketstick pencil) $3.50
Dwarf hatchet (Carnegiella myersi) $4.50
Green neons $2.50
Kriegi tetra (Serrapinnis kriegi) $5
Head and Tail Light Tetra $2.50, BOGO-2/2.50

Kerri Tetra $2.25

Coral Red Pencil $14, FEW


Schistura balteata (Tri banded orange sumo loach)- $3

Dwarf Chain loach $11

Oddballs/Dwarf Cichlids

Pea Puffer $4


Panda Cory $6

Apistogramma triple red (cacs) juvenile

Celestial Pearl Danio (Danio margaritatus)

Rosy Loach (Petruichthys species)

Ember Tetra

Rummynose Tetra

Clown Barb

Drapefin Barb

Odessa Barb

Neon Blue Rasbora (Sundadanio)

Dwarf Anchor Catfish (Hara jerdoni)

Green Neon

Chili Rasbora


Tropica soil IN STOCK! 3L $20, 9L $55




ONip $10 (100 tabs)
Catfish chips $10
Micron $6

Gvg mix $6, small $12 large
Krill snack $10


Tropica mini spring scissors $25- IN STOCK

Almond leaves .50/ea

Email for custom mockups
Dragonstone/Ohko  Aquascaping Stone $4.50/lb
Black Lava Rock- $3/lb- large pieces
Seiryu Stone- $4.50/lb

Maple Leaf Stone $6.25/lb

Mountain stone (elephant skin) $6/lb

Dark Hill stone $6/lb

Samurai Stone $5/lb

Nano ohko stone rubble $2.50/lb

Nano river wood $10/lb

Spiderwood $9/lb

Manzanita- priced by the piece, in person only