Current Stock list

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UPDATED 1/22/2014

All shipping costs are actual based on package size, weight, and zip code. Please  email for shipping estimates. I currently accept Paypal for online purchases. Complete and accurate address, phone number, and details of order must be provided with payment in the payment comment box.

FedEx shipping is preferred. Overnight shipping has live arrival and ability for refund, credit, or reshipment.  Reshipping costs not included. Estimates will also be provided for FedEx 2nd day, but it can be difficult to keep temperature stable from zone to zone, so live arrival guarantee only covers credit- not refund, on second day shipping.

FedEx shipping is Monday through Wednesday, I will not ship packages for delivery on a Saturday. No exceptions.

And please remember NO PAYPAL GIFT PAYMENTS!

As always, there are many things I have in my fish room that may not be listed, don’t hesitate to ask if you are looking for something I used to carry or are looking for something special. The stock list is a revolving one, as things come out of quarantine each week and get sold out. Please check back frequently for availability or feel free to email me with any special requests in order to combine shipping.


Orange neo $4 (home bred, waiting for them to grow) SOLD OUT
Crystal Red Shrimp- $5 (home bred)
Crystal Black Shrimp – $6 (home bred)
Bee shrimp $4
Chocolate shrimp $4.50 (home bred)
Carbon neocaridina $3.50, SOLD OUT
Red Rili $2.50 (home bred)


Pomacea canaliculata- quarter sized- $3.50- IN PERSON SALES ONLY
Trapdoor snails $1
Horned nerite $2.50
Zebra nerite $2
Assassin snail SALE $1 each!!


Limnopilos naiyanetri (micro spider crab) $3.50

Plecos and Catfish:
L144 young (short finned, home bred) 1″ $8, few- more growing out
Aspidoras spilotus (various sizes, home bred) $6
Tatia galaxias- $14
Hypoptopoma gulare (giant oto) $12, 4 left
Chaetostoma L187a-$7.50, 6 left
Corydoras pygmaeus $2
Otocinclus $2

Albino ancistrus $2.50, few left

Standard ancistrus $2, few left


Schooling fish:

Boraras brigittae $3
Nannostomus eques (hockey stick/diptail pencils) $3, 10 left
Green neons (Paracheirodon simulans) $2.50
Petruicthys sp. Rosy (Rosy hovering loach) $4
Ember tetra $2
Black Kuhli loach $1
Rummynose tetras $2.50
Espei rasboras $2
Dwarf scissortail  $3
Orange hatchet  $3.50
Dario dario $4

Tanichthys micagemma (vietnamese white clouds) $3, young


Hillstream fish:

Yellow fin hillstream loach (Pseudogastromyzon fangi) $14, FEW

Dried goods

Alder cones .05

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New in quarantine:

Otocinclus cocama

Centromochlus perugiae

Nannostomus mortenthaleri

Nannostomus marginatus (Peru)

Odontocharacidium aphanes (Hummingbird tetra)