Ahh importing- you fickle fiend! New critters

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Ahh importing- you fickle fiend! New critters

As everyone probably knows, I have been desperately trying to get Boraras brigittae back in stock. I have ordered them the past ten weeks or more in a row with no luck. Yesterday, I got my packing lists and was ECSTATIC as I had ordered them from two different sources and BOTH were coming in.

Well, long story short, my freight got delayed by over 12 hours because of Christmas freight issues. I had to bribe the air freight worked to even pick up my fish, as the office was closed.

I put the fish away early this morning, around 3am. All in all, it was not as bad as I expected for it being winter and the boxes have such a large delay. A few species came in great- Brevibora dorsiocellatus (emerald  eye rasbora, the best schooling fish I have ever seen), Amano shrimp (I now have PLENTY in stock), my restock of Cherry shrimp. Some species came in entirely dead- namely my Microdevario kubotai (*sniff*). Some species just came in as the entirely WRONG species, which is part of the game but very frustrating.

The good news, I have boraras in stock. The bad news, it is not brigittae. I now have Boraras uropthalmoides and Boraras merah back in stock. Not a single chili rasbora in the group.

I also received some really nice CRS, many of which are S grade or nicer, from a US breeder.


As many of you know, I am also expecting a Peru shipment which has been continuously delayed. I am fairly certain it will contain a couple species of Centromochlus- the perugiae and also a “purple” oil catfish. These are very cool fish, as they breed through internal fertilization. It will also have marbled hatchets, due to popular demand. I will also likely have Hyphessobyrcon amapaensis- a beautiful little tetra. I am supposed to be getting some otocinclus varieties as well, and possibly some wild red ancistrus and some other neat goodies.

What is not known about this order right now is if I will get any of the parotocinclus I desperately crave. I will find out closer to the end of the week, but I know that many people have been waiting patiently for some time. I assure you, I am doing the best I can!