Back in action! A few photos!

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Back in action! A few photos!

It has been longer than I would like since I updated the website last. I do apologize! Between the stressors of Super Storm Sandy (luckily we were largely unaffected), the cold snap that followed, multiple fish related travels, and club meetings- I have been SWAMPED! Things have settled down, and I am ordering again. You may have noticed my stock list was a little slim. I am doing much to remedy this! First up, a new order from Peru. The first order will have Otocinclus cocama and more of the Nannostomus morthenthaleri. I will also be getting the purple pencils, Nannostomus rubrocaudatus. Those are due to hit the country in the next day, and I will take updated pictures as soon as they are settled in.

I will be doing a second Peru order, as well. This one will include Parotocinclus orange “Peru”, as well as Parotocinclus sp. cf. britskii. As soon as I get them, I will post pictures as well as do an informational post on their care. In this order I will also be getting Centromochlus perugiae, the oil cat.

In addition to these two Peru orders, I will be ordering shrimp this week as well to try to restock some of the species that I generally carry. These will include amano shrimp, Yellow sakura, Green babaulti, and possibly some tiger shrimp.

Also, on Saturday, November 24 I will be doing a Small Business Saturday promotion. It will be a 10% sale on all items purchased that day, and may have some shipping incentives as well. On the note of shipping, I just had my Fed-Ex discounts improved for the express services. They should now rival priority for the second day service to most of the country. Ground had been discontinued for live creatures until spring.

Here are a few shots from around the fish room that I snapped this morning. I plan to spend a bunch of time down there in the next few weeks, photographing and journaling some of my breeding projects.