Caridina cf. babaulti- a diverse and beautiful group of shrimp

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Caridina cf. babaulti are a very diverse group of shrimp originating mainly from India. The most common coloration seen is a tan or green but they can range from black, to neon yellow, to  blue, and also have a few striped varieties.

Babaulti have the typical characteristics of most Caridina, but with a spikier rostrum. Many have a broad stripe extending from rostrum to tail. These species of shrimp have not had enough scientific study done to formally classify them, so care should be taken to label and refer to them correctly.

Babaulti are a high order shrimp, with the young hatching into miniature versions of the adults. They are largely herbivorous with a strong taste for algae. They can take a range of temperatures from low 70s to low 80s and thrive in similar conditions to that of Neocaridina, with moderate hardness being preferred. More information can be found at their species profile.

One atypical presentation within this complex is the Indian White Banded shrimp which have a narrow stripe down their back with perpendicular cross striping. They range in color from tan to dark black with the females being more opaque and striking in coloration.

Another of the striped varieties is Caridina cf. babaulti var. stripes, or the Indian Zebra shrimp. These are notably smaller and seemingly more fragile upon import than others within the complex. I will add photos of these as soon as I get a good shot, they are very difficult to photograph.

One of my favorite things about this group of shrimp is that they can easily be housed with neocaridina, providing a colorful contrast. They are very hardy once established and breed readily which make them a great addition to an established invertebrate tank.




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