Chicago Cichlid Classic!

Posted by on May 17, 2016 | 0 comments

Hey guys! Things have been busy as ever around the fish room! The tubs are nearly ready for fish (new video coming out this afternoon about running filtration/air and the tweaking of the tubs) and I am pretty stoked at how they are coming along! A few fish have come out of QT that many have been waiting for. I am also getting ready to head to Chicago next weekend, May 27-May 29. This means I won’t be shipping on the 30th, and it also means you should come see me speak on the importance of invertebrates to a dedicated fish room! I speak Saturday at 4pm at the Best Western Plus, 4400 Frontage Rd Hillside, IL 60162‎. Here are some of the things the event boasts:

  • Speakers from across the country with a full day of presentations
  • A fish show where breeders and hobbyist display their favorite and best fish (and often sell them at the end of the show)
  • It is raffle where over a $$$$ of goods will be raffled and auctioned away
  • It is a social event with a dinner party (banquet) and hospitality suite
  • It is a place to buy fish and supplies from vendors
  • It is where over hundreds of fish books are for sale
  • It is where vendors will be displaying their latest products
  • It is where people put fish for sale up on bulletin board (typically people from other clubs)
  • It is a huge cichlid auction on Sunday
  • It is for newbie’s and cichlid nuts a like
  • It attracts people across the Midwest

I rarely make it to the midwest, so this is your chance to come hang out and get your geek on!

More information and registration details can be found at this link: