Clearance sale- limited time only, select species marked down!

Posted by on July 6, 2015 | 0 comments

Hey guys! Trying to plan my next order, and I need to make some space! This means a sale for you! These species will be marked down for a limited time, most likely only a week or two. Please message/email for shipping estimate that includes your zip code and what you are interested in. I am home for the next few weeks, and am shipping Monday through Thursday overnight, and Monday through Wednesday second day service.

Green neo peewees $3

Cherry shrimp $1.50

Dwarf scissortails $2

Ruby tetras (Axelrodi riesei) $2

Green neons $2

Orange hatchets $2.50

Danio kyathit $2

Danio erythromicron $2

Batman nerites $1