Dario hysgninon- a truly stunning little fish!

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Dario hysgninon- a truly stunning little fish!

I was doing maintenance in the fish room today, and happened to notice several really nice male Dario hysgninon displaying to females. This is a diminutive species, about .75″, from Myanmar which thrives in a well-planted setup with ample areas for small territories. I like to use leaf litter and lots of rhizome plants to provide many shelters as the males can become aggressive to one another when spawning. The males become extremely vivid in dress, while the females are less colorful and rounder in body.

Dario in general are micropredators, although I find this particular species to be east to supplement. They are readily eating Xtreme catfish wafers, fine flake, and Repashy shrimp souffle. I do supplement them as well with the occasional frozen baby brine or cyclops.

Many of my customers have this fish breeding, as it does readily when well conditioned and provided an adequate setup. They are substrate spawners, with no particular parental care.


Here are a few pictures of the males I noticed today: