Bucks County 1st Annual Workshop- a huge success!

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Bucks County 1st Annual Workshop- a huge success!

This weekend I had the great pleasure to attend the first annual BCAS Workshop. It was held at a wonderful Nature Center in Bristol, PA. I arrived shortly after 11am with my two daughters. We registered at the desk and then dropped off my donations to the livestock table. I really liked how they set up the livestock sale. People were able to purchase desired livestock (which was pre-priced) in the order that they registered. This gave a lot of incentive to pre-register early. There was a nice range of things available for purchase, from invertebrates and plants to fish and used tanks.

Some may not know it, but Mark Denaro is a gifted chef as well as a well-known fish expert. He had prepared a nice lunch spread of homemade pizza and fruits which we all enjoyed while people shopped and the speakers prepared.

The first speaker was Frank Falcone. He is well-known in the hobby for his amazing guppies and his prowess in breeding corydoras. He was presenting that day on Breeding Guppies for fun and profit. Frank is a huge personality, very engaging and witty. His presentation covered a wide range of topics from husbandry, nutrition, to shipping and a business model for selling one’s fish. I know I am not alone when I say it was a total honor to see him speak.

Next up was Rosario LaCorte-a true living legend in the hobby. I have wanted to see him speak since I began to learn about fish, and boy was I glad I got to! His wealth of knowledge is impossible to convey. His talk was on Breeding Characins, but was so much more than that. He shared glimpses into the history of the hobby from collection trips, availability of species, to setting up tanks and the advancement of available filtration. His insight into feeding and utilizing foods taught me many things. Seeing the range and scope of what he has bred, and continues to breed, was an eye-opening experience. He is extremely articulate and charming, and I truly enjoyed getting to hear him speak.

Last, but not least, to speak was Ian Fuller. Many know of him from the Catfish convention and his website, Corydoras World, as well his many books, articles, and work with identifying the many and ever evolving Cory species and related genera. I have seen Ian speak a few times, but this was a brand new presentation chock full of excellent information. His humor and depth of knowledge always impresses and this presentation only reinforced his expertise.

After the speakers, Mark again prepared a delicious meals of a range of salads, pulled pork, and some fresh and delicious desserts. All in all, the entire workshop was a really wonderful time full of information and great socialization. I really hope that this becomes an annual tradition as I think many people will be sad to have missed it.