Getting ready to head to the Danbury Aquarium Society in Carmel NY! MEETING CANCELED

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Getting ready to head to the Danbury Aquarium Society in Carmel NY! MEETING CANCELED

In preparation for a few different club visits and group buys, I have been trying to update my pictures of new livestock. I hope to finish the new species profiles as well as do a few new informational posts this week.

Pre-orders will be available for pick-up at this meeting. I hope to see some of you there! It will take place Friday the 24th of August in Carmel, NY. More information is available at the link below as well as on my events page. Please email my Thursday, August 23 with any pre-orders or questions.

Sadly this meeting has been canceled because of a death, therefore, I will not be able to deliver fish or goods to the area this friday as planned.

I seem to have a new, and quite big, fondness for small gourami. I got in Sparkling gourami (Trichopsis pumila) this week and am completely in love. The pictures of them are within minutes of being added to their quarantine tank, and already their color is just spectacular. I am also particularly enamored with the Black neon tetras. While they are not an uncommon fish, boy do they school well and make a striking display! Very nice fish, fat and happy. I also got in some more cardinal tetras. These are fully conditioned and eating me out of house and home. They are just around, or slightly over, one inch and ready to go! I ordered more espei rasboras, but the order came in about half and half mixed with harlequins. I will be offering those for sale in about a week. I plan to do another shrimp and fish order next week, after I return from speaking at the Danbury Aquarium Society.

Next up, after Danbury, is a visit to GWAPA where I will be delivering a group buy (members only for you Washington/VA/MD members) and attending a presentation on Aquatic Photography by Jason Baliban (of Project Aquarium). This is a fantastic club, if you live in that general area and have not joined yet, now is a great opportunity!

Please note I have adjusted my stocklist to reflect a large amount of anubias coffefolia which I got in this past week. I also have Manzanita driftwood available for those willing to pick up. Sorry, I don’t want to ship it at this time.