September is full of local clubs! CCA, ACLC event, and GWAPA!

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As many of you know, I am a big fan of regional fish clubs, and am a member of about five of them which are relatively local to my area (within a two-hour or so drive). This September, I will be visiting several of them to attend speakers, the mini-auctions, and to just hang out with other fish geeks without having to give the presentation. It is a great time, and anyone in the area that has not checked out any of the “local” clubs really should consider doing so.

First up is the Capital Cichlid Association, my “home” club. It is located in Silver Spring, MD at John F. Kennedy High School (1901 Randolph Rd). The meeting will be on September 8 at 2 pm. Anthony Tu will be speaking on Frontosa. CCA is a big club, usually there are about 100 people in attendance, and the auction that follows the speaker is anything but mini. While the club is geared towards cichlids, there is a huge range of what is being kept and bred by its members. There are raffles, kids crafts, a children’s auction, and food for those who attend. While membership is not required, it is an inexpensive way to support a great club. I do take pre-orders for the meetings, as well as generally bring Repashy superfoods and dried goods to sell. If you are interested in attending, and would like to place an order, please get in contact with me via email by September 7 at 6pm. I hope to see some of you there!


Following that weekend, on the weekend of September 15 (my birthday!), the Aquarium Club of Lancaster County is having a 4oth anniversary event to be held at the Lancaster Host Resort. There will be SIX speakers which include Mo Devlin, Mike Hellweg, Dr. Paul Loiselle, and Ray “Kingfish” Lucas. There will also be a banquet, tons of raffles, silent auctions, and a huge vendor room. It is definitely worth the trip to check it out. While I won’t be in attendance for all of the weekend, I do hope to be there Saturday to visit with friends and deliver fish to anyone who is interested.


The following weekend, I will be heading to Ijamsville, MD to supply a group buy to the Greater Washington Aquatic Plant Association. These meetings are rotated through different members’ homes, but are free for anyone to attend. There is a huge wealth of knowledge on the planted part of the hobby within this club. The club is doing a group buy with me, and I will be bringing manzanita driftwood for them to pick through. If you are interested in attending, I strongly suggest you join the forums. To prevent spammers, there is an approval process that is pretty quick. Should you wish to attend the meeting, please post on their forums so that they can make sure there is adequate space and goodies. The meeting will be on September 22, and directions and an address will be posted on their website soon. The speaker is going to be Sean Murphy, and his program is still to be announced. I will update this when I have more information. GWAPA has a phenomenal plant auction that follows the speaker, as well as a really involved and dedicated group of members. It is one of my favorite clubs to visit, and anyone interested in plants, or nano aquaria, should really consider checking it out. I hope that some of you will make the effort to be there! There will be a thread with a stocklist for the group buy (members of GWAPA do receive a discount).

I hope to see some of you there to get our fish geek on! These three clubs encompass all aspects of the freshwater hobby. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on PVAS, another excellent NoVa club,  in November!