FINALLY updates!

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FINALLY updates!

It has been a rough couple months, again, for my poor family! Illness, death of a very close friend, and computer crashes. That being said, I am back on track! I had to replace my computer, and all my software, so its an adjustment getting used to new stuff. I shot a few pictures today of some of the livestock I have available.


I am especially enamored with the Orange Hatchetfish, a new item on my stock list, as they seem to be exceptional directional schoolers. I also really like the Dwarf Scissortails, whose small size rivals that of Boraras! I have a few more orders planned in the near future, so as always, let me know if you are looking for anything special.

I am also traveling a lot, about every other weekend. Next week I will be in Cincinnati, OH:

I am not currently planning on bringing livestock, but hope to organize a group buy.

The following weekend I will be visiting PVAS, in Fairfax, VA:

I will be taking pre-orders for delivery to that meeting. Without further ado, here are some pictures!