Got a new macro lens- I have a lot to learn!

Posted by on April 25, 2012 | 2 comments

Got a new macro lens- I have a lot to learn!



Picked up a macro lens and realized that manually focusing is much harder than I thought!!! I will continue to practice but am excited to have new kit!





  1. G’day Raechel,

    At least your shrimp and snails don’t move around, much, not like a rainbowfish! It is vitally important that your eyes are correct to begin with so if you wear glasses put them on. I don’t comment or even guess on ages 🙂 but one other bad thing that happens when you reach 40 is that your close vision starts to go. For some it’s sooner than this, for others later. When you manually focus a lens if your eyes are not at 100% you focus correcting the blur in your eyes. Now the shrimp looks focused, to you but it really is out of focus. I can’t stress this enough. For people that can put their lens/camera on autofocus I suggest they autofocus on a pieces of lined paper, have the camera focus and then take the shot. Then put it on manual, do your best focussing job and then take the picture. Put them both into the computer and then see if you are close to what the autofocus did. If not then you need to most likely get glasses. I always shoot on manual, or almost all of the time with my 100 mm macro, lens of choice for small objects that you don’t want to be right up on (which often scares them). Hoever by having an auto lens on at least Canon (my setup) and Nikon you can press the release buttton halfway and it will beep if the image is in focus. Use only point focussing, center point. I don’t know if that will work with your non-AF lens. Trying to get by cheaply almost always has some bad trade-offs. I would really not recommend to anyone with a Nikon or Canon system to buy a macro lens other than their manufacturers. Canon has two 100 mm macros now, go with the cheaper one, not that much difference. I now own the more expensive model and I really don’t see that much of a difference and I am real picky. You will use a flash eventually for your shots so IS doesn’t matter, which is in the more expensive lens. Nikon is all about the glass so if you have a Nikon why not get the best glass, even though it is more expensive. Tammaron and Sigma are just want to bes. If you look at the reviews the Nikon and Canon macros really do come out on top. It helps to dress in dark colors so you don’t get bounce and also turn off the other lights in the room so you don’t get a lot of reflection off of the front glass. Other than that, practice practice.


    Gary Lange

    and this nice little Ps. gertrudae Aru II location with gold tips and yellow pelvic fins.

  2. The Long finned white cloud (meteor minnow) and the N. mortenthelari are absolutely gorgeous! (who knew they had such beautiful colors? ) And your Discus…I’m jealous! =)
    I swear that aquaria photography is the toughtst thing to get right. I’ve tried and tried but do not have the patience to keep trying. I suspect you will continue and not let this photography beat you. Good Luck. Once you get the good shots you will feel very accomplished!!