Holy crap! Baby pipefish!!!!

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Holy crap! Baby pipefish!!!!

As many of you have read, I got in a dozen or so Microphis deocata a few days ago. They have done fairly well, though I did lose an adult upon addition to the tank. When I went down to the fishroom this morning, I saw all sorts of strange things floating about the water column in their tank. Thinking something was amiss, I prepared to do a water change. As I hunkered down (bottom row tank, 6″ off the floor), I realized that the floating things were baby fish! LOTS of baby pipefish, at least 20! I am beyond tickled, as this is a tricky species to get and there is not much information out there. I hope to carefully document their growth and behavior so that I can figure out what I am doing right. Granted, I did not participate in anything but importing the fish, but hope to duplicate the occurence! Any comments or previous experiences with this fish would be much appreciated!



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