I picked up a new order- sale next week!

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I picked up a new order- sale next week!

I have not figured out the exact details of the sale yet, but really want to celebrate my site success with my customers. In anticipation, I have picked up a pretty nice order. Yesterday, I picked up several shrimp including Green cf. babaulti, Black cf. babaulti, more Sakura grade Cherry shrimp, additional Yellow Fire, some more amanos, as well as a shrimp that is new to me; The Blue Velvet shrimp. I will also be selling a limited quantity of the Black Bangladesh shrimp that I have. I will, as always, be taking more pictures in the next few days. I will also be adding the new species to my profiles.

I also got, what I think, are some really cool new fish to add to the stocklist. These new fish include Sewellia lineolata (zebra hillstream), Oreichthys crenuchoides (Drape fin barb), Tanichthys micagemma (Sparkle eye white cloud), Boraras uropthalmoides, Hara jerdoni (mini moth catfish), and the burmese pink/rosy loach (an undescribed Yunnanilus species). New critters not on the current stocklist will be priced and listed once they have finished their mandatory quarantine period.

A quick reminder to anyone local, I will be at the Capital Cichlid Association meeting on Sept. 8, in Silver Spring, MD and on September 22, I will be attending GWAPA in Ijamsville, MD.

Here are a few shots of some of the new critters, and some previous livestock.