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As many of you know, I have been using USPS Express shipping for the majority of my packages for about six years. At my Post Master’s advice, they were being labeled Perishable and Fragile. I have had some issues with timely delivery, but for the most part was pleased with the service. USPS is now requiring that all my packages be marked “Live”. This seems reasonable, but the biggest issue is that it voids their arrival time guarantee. Anything shipped USPS Express that is live goods can take up to THREE extra days to arrive and is ineligible for a shipping refund- effectively as of last week. Their excuse is that it is for careful handling and appropriate placement within planes. The way it will effect you- I can no longer get shipping refunds for packages which don’t arrive when they are supposed to. I now have to give THREE extra days to them, despite paying for expedited service, and am unable to process any shipping refunds. I cannot, in good faith, guarantee live fish for up to 4 days in the mail. The largest heat packs last about 72 hours, a far cry from four days. I am currently placing calls to the other two major shippers to see what I can do as far as guaranteeing timely arrival. In the mean time, I will still offer Express service but will have to change my shipping policy to reflect their totally BOGUS rules. This may also mean that I will need to charge a box fee for non-USPS service, as I will have to purchase the boxes to ship Fed-Ex or UPS.  I have always done my best to keep shipping costs as low as possible, not charging for styro, nor heat packs but this may have to come to an end. I will keep updating this post as I learn more about the options I can provide for my customers. I also have an appeal into the USPS, though I doubt it will do any good at all.



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