Modified shipping, fish room work, and picture updates!

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Modified shipping, fish room work, and picture updates!

After the brutal winter, struggling to make ends meet, and having issues with getting in quality livestock, I have decided that the best thing for my mental health is to take some time, revamp the fish room, breed a bunch of cool fish and invertebrates, and recharge my mental batteries!

I am traveling a lot, as well as writing a lot (a book is coming out soon in addition to my Amazonas articles, Amazonas blog, Hydra Forum blog, and my work on this site) and have decided to do a modified shipping schedule through the summer. I WILL be shipping each week, but only 1-2 days a week, and a limited number of boxes. I hope to get an entire Hillstream rack set up to work with many of those species, as well as really, profoundly expand my breeding of many of the shrimp I like to keep in stock.

Historically, I just could not breed them fast enough to rely on those efforts consistently for my supply. I have been working on setting up shrimp in 75g minimum tanks, in order to facilitate this and have a wider range of species consistently available for my customers as of this fall. I am also expanding my breeding efforts with some fish, including Pseudomugil rainbows, CPD’s, and Meteor minnows as well as the fish I am already working (lots of ancistrus, aspidoras, etc) and a few others.

My goal is that I can provide a more consistent amount of livestock, narrow the focus of my stocklist a bit, but provide a lot more information as well as sustained exceptional quality for my awesome customers. My communication has been delayed as I have been so frazzled trying to keep up with the demands of maintenance, my family, shipping, and all the other things that inevitably come our way as grown ups.

I appreciate the continued support and patience of so many of my wonderful repeat customers, as well as the interest from new ones. I strive to only provide better and better quality livestock!

On that note, here are a few pictures of some of the critters around the facility as of this week.  I DO, FINALLY, have restock of amano shrimp and nerite snails, but Boraras brigittae (chilis) were not available. I will work to get those in ASAP.