Updates, pictures, and news!

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Updates, pictures, and news!


I am freshly home from the 2015 Aquatic Gardeners Convention, and it was STELLAR. I had a wonderful time both speaking and vending, and enjoyed all the presentations immensely. I came home inspired to scape!

I will be in Silver Spring, MD this Saturday to present a new presentation on breeding fish in containers. The meetings are at JFK High School and the doors open at 1pm. I am planning another order to pick up next weekend, and hope to focus on some Brazil fish as well as some Asian hillstream species.

I took the time to shoot some photographs of some of the current species available in the fish room. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Aquatic Gardeners Association Convention next weekend!

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Aquatic Gardeners Association Convention next weekend!

I will be giving a brand new presentation on interesting and unusual inhabitants for the planted aquarium on Saturday morning at the AGA Convention in Reston, VA! I will also be vending that weekend, which I rarely do. I will be bringing lots of what is on my stock list and some special goodies to boot! Stop by and say hello! This is your opportunity to see some exceptional international speakers, see a live scape off, and visit with like minded hobbyists. I am very excited to attend! I can also take pre-orders for delivery in the vendor room. I will likely not be taking many shipping orders this upcoming week so that I can be adequately prepared for the convention. Hope to see a lot of you there!

Shrimp-Why the delays, lady?? Quarantine procedure and treatment protocol

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It has been a wonderful evolution within the Shrimp hobby, watching it grow by leaps and bounds and having many exporters offering tons of species for sale. Shrimp only became readily available in the hobby about 10 years ago, and with this rapid growth in overseas farming have come a few issues. Often the shrimp are a bit crowded, with higher organics, which result in a few health issues. I have seen more and more people preaching to buy only home grown shrimp, and you will notice that my stock list now specifies imported versus home bred. While it is true there are not any/known diseases transferrable from Shrimp to our fish, there are several diseases that have been becoming more prevalent that are shrimp specific. Because of these complications, ALL of my imported shrimp now go through an extended quarantine period. I am looking for things like white brushy appendages on the Shrimp’ rostrum (nose), Black or red spots on their carapace, molting issues because of ammonia burn (harder to see on a shrimp), and a green branchy growth infiltrating the pleopods. It is the responsibility of the seller to make sure these problems are noticed, addressed, and treated BEFORE selling their shrimp. Please, ask your retailers how long they have had their shrimp, and if they have seen any of these problems, as they are easy to miss and are contagious to other shrimp.

As expected, seeing these issues on a creature that is often .5″ or less upon importation can be difficult for even those of us with great eyesight. My strategy to make sure the shrimp are healthy is multi-faceted. They go into large tanks (generally 30g minimum, with 55g or 75g being a common size). This increased volume helps reduce the build up of organics, as well as makes it easier to do regular water changes without fluctuations of parameters that shrimp are so susceptible to. The larger volume also means that any trace levels of ammonia that may develop in a smaller tank do not occur, making the acclimation and adjustment period less stressful. I photograph many specimens from each tank daily, blowing up the photos to look for minor infestations or any abnormalities in the carapace. Tanks have almond leaves and alder cones, both of which release natural conditioners that aid in molting and provide surfaces for the shrimp to graze on.

If a tank has a shrimp with any noticeable infestation (most often it is Scutellaria japonica, a parasite that is brushy and white in appearance most often found on the rostrum, I will treat with Paraguard or Praziquantel then do a series of water changes. At this time, the quarantine period resets from the beginning. Only after their health has been established will I release them for sale. I hope that this attention to their health is appreciated, as I am trying my best to ensure healthy, viable, specimens for optimal success in your tanks! The new species should be available soon, definitely in time for the Aquatic Gardener’s Convention in DC this Spring, where I will also be vending.


Stock list is filling out! BEAUTIFUL nerites and lots of little fishes back in stock!

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FINALLY, after the brutally cold and snowy winter, the fish room is getting restocked in a major way! I just got a bunch of neat little fish, and am ordering shrimp and gobies to pick up next weekend. As always, items need to go through a quarantine period before becoming available for sale, but I have listed the projected prices for planning purposes. This upcoming weekend I will be in CT for the NEC Convention. I will be bringing my book, as well as taking pre-orders to be picked up Friday night.

Here are some pictures of some of the livestock currently in stock. Enjoy!

FedEx Small business grant contest

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I would appreciate sharing and support! If I won the grant, I would be able to expand my fish efforts and put in a dedicated fish building!! Take a look, and please share away. You can vote via twitter, instagram, facebook, each daily!

Vote now!

SPRING THAW SALE!!!! Over for now! look for a future sale!

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As many of you in the area, and all over the country have experienced- this winter has been BRUTAL! Temps here have been far into the negatives, with almost constant snow. There is a thaw coming for the first week of March, and I want to offer a sale to celebrate!

Most species are marked down and there will be shipping incentives! Let’s clear some stock and make room for a big Spring order! Many species I have limited amounts, but I am hoping the incentives make things worth it! I am listing some personal fish as well.

$5 off shipping for livestock purchase up to $50, $10 off shipping for livestock purchases over $50.


Orange neo  (home bred, waiting for them to grow) 10 available- $35
Crystal Red Shrimp- $5 (home bred), SOLD
Crystal Black Shrimp – $6 (home bred), lots of 10/ $55, 5 available
Bee shrimp $4, 2 lots of 10/ $35 each
Chocolate shrimp $4.50 (home bred), 2 lots of 10/ $40
Carbon neocaridina $3.50 (home bred), 10 /$30
Red Rili $2.50 (home bred), 1 lots of 10/ $20
Cherry $2, 1 lot of 10/ $15 SOLD
Blue velvet 1 lot of 8/$30 SOLD

Horned nerite $2.50, 10/$22
Zebra nerite $2, 5 / $8, SOLD
Assassin snails $2, 5 /$8
Plecos and Catfish:
Tatia galaxias (wood cat)- $14,  the group of 6 for $75, SOLD
Hypoptopoma gulare (giant oto) $12, 4 left- $45
Chaetostoma L187a (Rubberlip)-$7.50, 3 left- $21
Otocinclus $2- 10 for $18
Albino ancistrus $2.50, 6 left- $12
Otocinclus cocama (Zebra oto) $11, 5 for $50, 2 groups
Centromochlus perugiae (Honeycomb catfish) $7.50, $14/pair SOLD


Schooling fish:

Boraras merah $2.50, 10 for $20
Petruicthys sp. Rosy (Rosy hovering loach) $4, 10/ $35 SOLD
Hyphessobrycon amandae (Ember tetra) $2, 10/ $18
Black Kuhli loach $1, 10 for $8
Rummynose tetras (Hemigrammus bleheri) SOLD
Espei rasboras (Lambchop rasbora) $2, 10/$18
Dwarf scissortail  (Rasbosoma spilocerca) $3, 10/ $25
Orange hatchet  (Laubuka dadiburjori)$3.50 10/$30
Dario dario $4,FEW
Tanichthys micagemma (vietnamese white clouds) $3, 8/$20 SOLD
Nannostomus marginatus(Dwarf pencil, peru) $3.50, 6/$20
Odontocharicidum apahnes (Hummingbird peru tetra) $6.50, 6/$35
Green neon 6/$12, 1 lot SOLD
Danio erythromicron 1 lot of 8/$30 SOLD 
Pelvicachromis kribensis “Moliwe”- breeding pairs (4 available) $15/pair
Tucanoichthys tucano 5/$60, pending
Pyrrhulina spilota (blotched false splash tetra) 6/$18 


Some fish updates

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Some fish updates

Whew, winter is not kind! Sickness, computer issues, death, snow, freezing temperatures! That being said, I am working on building up the ole stocklist, and am traveling a ton in the upcoming weeks. Here are a couple fish pics from around the fishroom, some of which will be coming out of quarantine next week. I plan on starting to restock more shrimp (been focusing on breeding my own, only) as well as some more asian species including hillstreams in the upcoming weeks. Amano shrimp are still out of stock- sorry folks, just cannot get them right now. Hopefully I will be able to get more soon! This weekend I will be visiting PVAS in Fairfax, Va. I hope to see some of you there! Here are a couple pictures for your enjoyment!


FINALLY updates!

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FINALLY updates!

It has been a rough couple months, again, for my poor family! Illness, death of a very close friend, and computer crashes. That being said, I am back on track! I had to replace my computer, and all my software, so its an adjustment getting used to new stuff. I shot a few pictures today of some of the livestock I have available.


I am especially enamored with the Orange Hatchetfish, a new item on my stock list, as they seem to be exceptional directional schoolers. I also really like the Dwarf Scissortails, whose small size rivals that of Boraras! I have a few more orders planned in the near future, so as always, let me know if you are looking for anything special.

I am also traveling a lot, about every other weekend. Next week I will be in Cincinnati, OH:

I am not currently planning on bringing livestock, but hope to organize a group buy.

The following weekend I will be visiting PVAS, in Fairfax, VA:

I will be taking pre-orders for delivery to that meeting. Without further ado, here are some pictures!

New critters doing great!

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New critters doing great!

The new critters are largely doing great! The orange otos didn’t import well, but rest assured I will try again in early January! I am STILL shipping, though may not much past this upcoming Monday, as I don’t want boxes to be delayed because of the impending holiday season. That being said, I DO plan on ordering more shrimp, snails, and small fishes soon, so now is the time to let me know what your little heart desires!

Here are a few updates of a couple of the species I have around the fish room. I will continue to add pictures, and have added profiles for the new species. Get ’em while I have ’em! Peru has a short import season 🙂


Some more pictures!

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Some more pictures!

Hi Guys! Some exciting things coming in tomorrow! Orange zebra otos (Nannopotopoma sp Peru orange/Hypoptopoma sp peru orange), Otocinclus cocama (zebra oto), Coral red pencils (Nannostomus mortenthaleri), Tatia galaxias, Chaetostoma L187a, Danionella translucida, Boraras brigittae (chili rasboras), and Hemigrammus bleheri (rummynose tetras). Also planning shrimp and snail order soon! Remember! Gift certificates are available now, and I am still shipping as long as weather permits.

Also, a fish friend has generously offered a coupon code for her aquatic necklaces, available via Etsy at her shop, Jennwilldesign. 


Some Peru goodies in stock- get ’em while they are hot!

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Some Peru goodies in stock- get ’em while they are hot!

I got in a few items from Peru, to test out quality and hopefully order a lot more! I am very, very pleased! I got in some awesome Nannostomus mortenthaleri (Coral Red Pencil), Otocinclus cocama (Zebra otos), Hypoptopoma gulare (Giant oto), and some really amazing Pyrrhulina spilota (blotched pyrrhulina). I have a lot of really nicely conditioned livestock right now, and lots of stuff breeding! Here are a few pics, any of this can be delivered to the OCA Extravaganza next weekend, and will be added to the stock list shortly. Weather is getting cooler, so please pay attention to your forecast when ordering, if there is profoundly cold weather, shipping may have to be delayed. As always, if you have anything you want that I have carried before, just ask! It is entirely possible I am hoarding it in the fish room. Also, I ALWAYS welcome pick ups and visits to the fish room! I still have some Manzanita driftwood available, and would love to sell it all before the snows hit. I will also be bringing the driftwood with me to Ohio, so if you are attending- that is your chance!


Heading to Cleveland for the OCA Extravaganza next weekend!

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Hey guys! Looks like I will be heading to Ohio next weekend to attend the 20th anniversary of the Ohio Cichlid Association’s annual convention!

I am taking pre-orders, and will be bringing manzanita driftwood, as well as some copies of the book I co-authored with Mark Denaro to have for sale. You will also have the rare opportunity to meet my personal spawn, Abby and Clelia, which means I may not be doing much as far as room sales go, though I will be located on the first floor. I have some stuff coming in from Peru this week, as well (zebra otos, giant otos, some pencils, and some tatia) that should be ready for the event. Please get your pre-orders in early, so I know how to plan for the weekend.


I hope to see many of you there!

Speakers for this Year:
Ad Konings
Felipe Cantera
Barbie Fiorentino
Melanie Stiassny
Wayne Leibel

Extravaganza is held at:
Holiday Inn
15471 Royalton Road, Strongsville, Ohio 44136
Phone: 440-238-8800
The hotel is conveniently located at I-71 and Route 82
just 10 minutes south of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.