Partnership with Tannin Aquatics! 10% off Botanicals

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Partnership with Tannin Aquatics! 10% off Botanicals

Hey guys! It has been a LONG time since I have updated my blog! I am SUPER excited to announce a brand NEW sponsorship for my YouTube Channel and work in the fishroom! I have waited a very long time to do sponsorships or endorsements, as it was critically important to me that the company be the right fit for me, and for you guys! Because of that, I think its important that you know these are products that I really use!

I am partnering with Tannin Aquatics- a retailer I really believe in both for the quality of their products, their focus on education and conservation, and their ethics as a business. For this partnership, they are offering you 10% off ANY purchase! This is a great way to support a company I truly believe in, get some great products that are beneficial to your aquariums, and support me as a creator. Make sure you check out their website and social media for some really great blog posts, BEAUTIFUL imagery, inspiration, and information!

Now most of us know botanicals (most specifically leaf litter) and how useful it is for keeping Bettas, Apistogramma, and many  other fish. Tannin Aquatics has quality botanicals (leaves, pods, seeds, bracts, and more) meant to aid in breeding, feeding, and keeping a wide range of aquarium species. For instance, leaf litter is a great natural spawning media, adds visual interest, and has a lot of proven “health” benefits for our critters.  What you may not know is that it also provides some great grazing surfaces!

For this partnership, I have focused on how botanicals can be used in a shrimp tank. Overfeeding is a really bad problem, especially for hobbyists new to keeping shrimp. Doing so can lead to fluctuations of parameters, secondary pests, and loss of livestock. It is really hard to resist adding excess foods when we see those little shrimpy faces! I am not suggesting we don’t need to feed our shrimp, BUT that the botanicals can really help provide a much more natural grazing experience for our critters.

For instance, utilizing these natural botanicals provides more surfaces for shrimp to graze on, as they produce microorganisms as they start to break down. Giving them a good boil, and doing some soaks, can minimize the “tea” effect, while still providing all the benefits. Jungle Pods are particularly useful as a feeding dish in a shrimp aquarium, holding more of the food in place so that it does not fall into the substrate. They are also absolutely beautiful and add a very natural element of scale within the aquarium.

Please check out Tannin Aquatics’ website for information on preparation, the science behind botanicals, and to place an order. They are offering 10% off your order  for 30 days from the airing of my Youtube video “Botanicals- Beyond Blackwater”. I would also encourage you to watch that video for more information about how to use them and to really just enjoy some eye candy of shrimp footage!

Enter discount code RACHEL10 at checkout to take advantage of the savings.


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