Recap of the summer plus lots of new critters!

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Recap of the summer plus lots of new critters!

This summer has been a busy one for me and the fish room! I was recently at the American Cichlid Association Convention where I had a wonderful time. I got to attend many amazing speakers (more on them later) and visit with old friends, and new, which I get to see infrequently. I strongly encourage everyone to become active and involved in local clubs and conventions as the camaraderie is second to none.

I was home for a week and then away again! In the mean time, I brought in some really nice Licorice gouramis (two species, pics to follow) and have enjoyed learning more about them. Luckily for me, the new issue of Amazonas magazine has an entire article dedicated to them. I will be doing a feature on them this week to give more information on the particular species I have available.

This week I also got in Corydoras pygmaeus again, finally. I had forgotten how absolutely adorable they are! More clown killies and danio margaritatus (cpd’s) came in, as well as additional amanos and some new brood stock for my mystery snail collection.I also got in some black neons, which are quite nice.

Most exciting for me was that I couldn’t resist the urge to bring in some young Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri (saddled bichir). Primitive fish are a major interest of mine, and I plan to grow some of these out to place with my big boys, but also offer many for sale to other hobbyists. I strongly recommend doing a lot of research before embarking on keeping a fish that gets so large. I will be doing a featured spotlight and profile on their needs and care in the next few days. Also keep your eyes peeled for additional species profiles and also a ton of photographs.

Next week, I plan to bring in a bunch of shrimp and some more nerites. I have too many empty tanks right now!