Repashy Superfoods Press Release

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Repashy would like to announce the introduction of a completely new type of fish food for the Hobbyist and Breeder market. This new line is the culmination of several years of research and development that started life as an amphibian diet, and evolved into a fish food line during the course of testing and development.

Repashy has adopted its proprietary gel technology from its reptile line to develop this new line of gel diets. These products are sold as powders that are quickly and easily made into firm gels. The gelling agents are plant-based and there is no need for refrigeration to solidify the gel after preparation.

Repashy’s proprietary gel technology uses soluble algae and plant fibers in a combination that optimizes the gel’s firmness and durability while taking up only 5% of its weight. Typical flake and pellet formulas contain up to 20% binders, and often contain additional fillers, meaning Repashy formulas allow the inclusion of much higher levels of high quality ingredients. Repashy Gels do a better job of locking in nutrients than flake, pellet, or powdered diets. Water soluble vitamins and other nutrients are locked in the gel matrix and remain stable until broken down in the digestive tract. Repashy uses Stabilized Vitamin C in all of its formulas. Repashy uses only the highest quality, whole-animal ingredients available; no “fish meal” or other ingredients that are industry rejected byproducts.

We use whole fish, whole squid, and whole krill as the backbone of our fish food except in our vegan formulas. Repashy Gels use no fillers, added starches, or binders such as wheat middling, wheat gluten, wheat flour, corn meal, corn starch, or other cereal starches. All Repashy formulas are gluten free. Repashy Gels contain no gelatin, which requires refrigeration to set, and is made of the poorly digestible protein collagen. Gelatin levels in other gel feeds can reach 20% of the total formula. Gluten, which is the most commonly used binder in flake and pellets, is also a poorly digestible protein. Both proteins affect the nutritional analysis and misrepresent the amount of high-quality, bio-available protein in a product. These poorly digestible proteins, as well as starch binders, can contribute to water fouling, can cause intestinal blockage, prevent the absorption of other nutrients, and can promote to the occurrence of bloat. Repashy Gels use no terrestrial animal proteins. We use only high quality aquatic animal proteins and in combination with highly digestible plant and yeast proteins.

Repashy Gels contain no soy products. Soy contains high levels of trypsin inhibitors (an enzyme necessary to absorb proteins) and isoflavones, which are estrogen-like compounds. Repashy Gels all contain a combination of more than six high carotenoid ingredients (in the form of our famous “SuperPig” premix) providing a full spectrum of carotenoids. Levels range from 250 ppm to over 500 ppm total carotenoids and are the highest in the industry.

Repashy Gels will remain stable in water for 24-48 hours, which promotes natural grazing compared to the “binge and purge” environment created using once or twice a day feeding with flakes or pellets. Slow feeding permits a naturally slow digestion process which is not possible when feeding large amounts and allowing the stomach to empty between feedings. Repashy Gels use no artificial food colorings or flavors.

Repashy Gels utilize low temperature gelling agents and does not require a full boil for long periods like gelatin or agar. It requires about 85 degree C for only a few minutes to induce gel formation. This prevents nutrient degradation, especially compared to the typical high-heat processes of pellet extrusion or hot drum flaking, which produce the very high heat/steam required to activate starch and gluten based binders. Repashy Gels are thermo-reversible, meaning if you don’t get a firm gel due to insufficient temperature, you can just reheat and set it again.

Repashy Gels are a very effective way to orally medicate fish. The gel can be heated to the required temperature, and the medication can be mixed in as the gel cools, before it becomes firm. This reduces temperature damage to medications. The medication will remain locked in the gel as long as the gel remains solid. This permits direct intestinal delivery, which is vastly superior to absorption through medicating the water.

Repashy is launching this new line with the first four of a dozen products. Many of the formulas will work equally well for fresh AND salt water fish. We truly believe that this line will change the way that people look and think about fish feeding. We do not believe that this new line will replace flake or pellet food for all applications, but we think you will find it a great compliment, and believe there are applications where it will become the number one choice. We welcome your feedback and are continually working to further develop our products.


Allen Repashy