Rili shrimp-One of the newer trends in Neocaridina breeding

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Rili shrimp-One of the newer trends in Neocaridina breeding

Shrimp breeders once culled any Neocaridina shrimp that had imperfections in their color in order to strengthen the opacity and make brighter and brighter lines. The trend for the past year or two has changed, and breeders are now exploiting the imperfections to make them appear banded, much like their cousin the Crystal Red. The goal is transparency/clarity of body with various colored blotches or bands. Most commonly found right now are the red rili shrimp. Taiwanese breeders have been developing these strains since around 2010 and they now include yellow rili, and blue rili all of which originate from line breeding Neocaridina heteropoda var. fire red. While you will find conflicting opinions about these shrimp, there is no doubt they are a vibrant and striking addition to the other varieties currently availabe on the market.

Red rili have a range of pattern and clarity to small amounts of clear body, to mostly clear body with only red head, tail, and legs. These extreme patterns are currently considered very desirable.


Blue rilis are the newest trend of line bred shrimp from Taiwan. The goal is inky blotches of the rostrum, legs, and tail. There is a wide range of variability in the amount of blue, the intensity of the blue, and placement of the splotching. Some blue rili shrimp appear green, some have a blue cast to their body with red blotching, and many appear almost solid blue; similar to blue pearl shrimp. Their eggs can range in color from blue, to green, to yellow. There is still much room for work in this particular line of shrimp.

The variability in body color and blotching is evident in this pair.


I do not currently have any of the yellow rili, but am excited to see all of these lines progress.