Shipping incentive sale ends Friday, January 3, 2014!

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Shipping incentive sale ends Friday, January 3, 2014!

Happy New Year (almost)! My $5 off shipping on any order, or $10 off on livestock purchase of $75 or more ends this Friday! Thanks to all those who have participated! I hope to do an order soon, to get some restock and some new species, but with all the freight delays around the holidays, it has been a trial in patience!

I took a few shots from around the fish room that I will share with you, and hope to  spend some more time down there in the next few days, updating livestock pictures and shooting some video for my youtube page.

I am also doing a blog now on a new forum, If anyone is curious to look, it is a very candid view on my role and impressions as a hobbyist, a parent, and a business owner. I would love to see some of you join, as this forum seems to really grasp the importance of integrating all aspects of this diverse hobby into a welcoming environment.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Fingers crossed the weather stays stable so I can get new critters in safely!