The shrimp shipment is finally here! Plus some other goodies

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The shrimp shipment is finally here! Plus some other goodies

I have been promising new shrimp for awhile now, guess what! The time is NOW!

I picked up what I think are a few really neat critters yesterday. I will be adding species profiles soon, but in the meantime, I will provide a few preliminary shots. I picked up Orange rili shrimp, Carbon rili shrimp, Red rili (a TON of these, expect a sale), more amanos, and some Green babaulti shrimp. I still have in stock Yellow Neos and Red Cherries, as well as wild Bee shrimp. I have waited awhile to bring in these newer rilis, as they would have been stupid expensive. With my new distributor, I am able to offer them for a fraction of their previous pricing, and am VERY excited about that! Their quality is great, they shipped wonderfully to me, and so far so good! I will be listing them up tomorrow, for shipping next week. I would like for them to get some time to eat and molt before reshipping. I also have my first few berried blue velvets, so it should not be too much longer before I will be offering those in moderation. Malawas are breeding and should be available before too long as well. I would still like to get some wild Tangerine Tigers to offer, as well as restock of some of the lower order stuff, but this is a great start!

In addition to those shrimp, I got in Kuhli loaches. Anyone who knows me knows that they give me the heeby jeebies, but I have to admit, they are adorable. I stand corrected, all you people who have told me all along. I admit defeat, they are quite lovable. I got in a ton more Dario dario as well, and they look GREAT. Often when they come in, they look pretty punky and beat up, but these guys are fat and happy!

I got in restock of Chili rasboras, these are a bit thin and need more rehab time than I usually have to do. Probably a week or more until they are ready. I also got in Boraras maculatus, these too need some additional time. They were packaged poorly so need a little extra TLC. I also, after being asked by many customers, have restocked Hemigrammus bleheri (rummynose tetras). These have some minor fin damage that some water changes will fix right up.

All in all, everything came in REALLY well. The majority of bags had 100% survival, and only a few things look like they need extra love! Most of these pictures were taken within a few hours of acclimation, so I expect colors and fin health to only approve over the next days and weeks!

Up next will hopefully be restock of Cardinals, Danio margaritatus, the wild tigers, and then a Peru order. I will most likely NOT have all this stuff in stock at the same time. I encourage you to order as you see things you like, rather than being disappointed as things sell out while you wait for it all to be available 🙂

Without further ado, the pictures!