Tiger shrimp and amanos are back in stock!

Posted by on December 7, 2012 | 0 comments

Tiger shrimp and amanos are back in stock!

I have been working on slowly building my stock list back up to where it needs to be. Thanks again for all the support with the Intuit Small Business Wish contest! I have over 800 votes and remain hopeful that I will be a recipient of one of their generous awards!

Ready to go from the newest influx of livestock are Amano shrimp and Tiger shrimp. The amanos are around one inch and ready to go to their forever homes! I have a mix of juvenile and adult Tiger shrimp, many with a very blue cast to their body and all with the beautiful golden head and tail.

The horned nerites are still availalbe as well. I caught a couple of cute shots of those, as well as some decent shots of the Zebra otocinclus and the Drapefin barbs. Drapefins are one of my favorite fish, with their subtle flashiness. A true little gem!

Next week, the much-anticipated Peru order, which includes oil catfish and a few species of parotocinclus as well as others, will be hitting the country. I also have some tiny fish and restock of some shrimp coming in. Keep your eyes peeled for the updated stock list!

Here are a few pictures from around the fish room today!