Weekly update- A note about shipping- AND taking the weekend OFF!

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Weekly update- A note about shipping- AND taking the weekend OFF!

Hey guys! I am taking this weekend off to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary with my husband. I will be checking in, but will not be doing shipping estimates until early next week 🙂

A note about shipping, as well, Ground/Home delivery service is now at your own risk and I would really prefer if next day Express service is chosen for fish, which is what my live arrival guarantee will cover. Because of the rampant discrepency of daytime temperatures (in the 80s here right now) and night time temperatures (in the high 40s), it is impossible for me to control the temperature within the box for Home Delivery or second day shipments. I understand this makes things more expensive, but it is in the best interests of the critters!

This weekend, I am picking up a bunch of new shrimp- Orange neos, more Orange rili, Snowballs, Green babaulti, CPO’s, a bunch more nerites (including some species I don’t generally carry) and a bunch of fish! I will be getting in Threadfin rainbows, Gertrudae rainbows, Ember tetras, Akysis vepsa, Flame tetras, CPD’s, Clown killis and more!

Soon, I hope to do a Peru order- working very hard on this!

Next weekend on the east coast is the NJAS 60th Anniversary! Please check it out! I will be sending up a box of donations, including some of the new rilis, for their auctions.

The following weekend, October 18-20, in Herndon, VA is Aquafest. I will be presenting a brand new presentation on nano aquaria. I will also be selling Friday night on the third floor for the room sales!

Here are a couple of teaser pics from around the fish room, I will post up pictures of all the new critters coming in this weekend in the beginning half of next week.